How To Live A Well-Balanced Life In Two Simple Steps
Trying to live a life that is well-balanced feels like an impossible ideal to achieve?

For many women, it is, and every year, it is at the top of their list of things to do differently.

The fact that our lives are loaded with obligations that tug at us from many different ways, often with no apparent end in sight, is undeniable. Living a life out of balance – at a frantic pace – causes us to experience greater stress and depletes our energy reserves.

The pursuit of a well-balanced existence is not a destination; it is not something that you reach and then call a day. An unbalanced existence, on the other hand, is a sequence of decisions that you make throughout the day, every day, that either drive you nearer or further away from equilibrium.

Follow these two simple steps and you'll find yourself automatically moving in the direction of a more balanced life.

Step 1: Become more conscious of your options.

Every day, we make decisions that affect the pace and quality of our lives. Often, we are completely unconscious of the decisions we are making or the impact they have on our overall sense of well-being. So much of the time, we act out of habit, instinct, or necessity.

However, while it is beneficial that we do not have to think about every decision we make when it comes to striking a balance between our career, familial, and personal commitments, it is vital that we are conscious and intentional about our decisions.

Alternatively, you may find yourself experiencing the negative consequences of your unconscious choices, including feelings of overload, out-of-control, tension, and even illness.

Here is a straightforward way that I have found to be effective:

Make yourself more conscious of the numerous decisions you must make throughout the day by asking yourself the following three questions:

1. Is this bringing me closer or further away from living a well-balanced life? 2.
2. Do I have a choice in the matter? in addition to 3, what is a good outlook on the situation if I am powerless to make a choice?

Professional, family and personal contentment can all be greatly enhanced by answering these three questions honestly and candidly.

Step 2: Make deliberate decisions about your options.

Women sometimes believe that in order to have a well-balanced existence, they will need to make significant changes in their lives. While it may be true for some, the majority of us will find greater balance if we begin with small, deliberate choices.

The small conscious choices that we make throughout the day often result in us feeling more tranquil, comfortable, and in control at the end of the day.

The following are some basic changes you can make right away that can have a significant influence on your personal and professional life balance:

Make intelligent choices when it comes to your leisure activities. When it comes to having fun, you only have so many hours in the day, so spend them doing things that you truly enjoy.

When someone asks you to do anything, don't just say "yes" and then feel bad about yourself later. First, examine how that thing will affect your ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Predictably, you should plan at least one task per day that you are confident you will finish and that you will feel good about. When you require assistance, ask for it and then make it happen.

Decide on the most stressful aspects of your life and make little adjustments to make them feel less stressful, such as spending 5-15 minutes a day in silence — reading, meditation, walking, or stretching – or taking a bath.

"Something is better than nothing," says one of my favorite pieces of advice.

Making conscious, basic, and intentional choices – every single day – that take you closer or further away from balance is the key to living a well-balanced lifestyle. It all comes down to prioritizing where you put your energy, your time, and even your money.

You have the ability to make modest, simple choices throughout the day that will have a significant influence on your health and well-being. Establish your goals this year and intentionally move toward living a well-balanced life so that you can begin to live a bright and healthy existence.

Make the decision today to live a life that is well-balanced, full of energy, and full of vitality.
Tanya Turner Life
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